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In order to encourage scientific research in public finance law, the Sorbonne Tax & Public Finance Department (Sorbonne Law School - University of Paris 1) organizes a thesis award in 2019. The purpose for this award is to annually recognize and promote an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in the domain of Public Finance Law.

The prize-winner be invited to give a presentation of his research outcome to the Sorbonne Junior Tax & Public Finance Scholars Conference which will be in 2019.

The prize is awarded by a jury composed of the Professors and researchers of the Sorbonne Tax & Public Finance Department (University of Paris 1). Theses defended at the University of Paris 1 will be assessed by renowned researchers in Public Finance Law, non-members of the Sorbonne Tax & Public Finance Department.

Public Finance thesis award 2019 – conditions for admission

Eligible for application are authors having defended a Ph.D. thesis between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 in France or abroad.

Applicants should send their Ph.D. work in two (2) hard copies or by email in PDF format to the address hereafter. The application should also include:

- The thesis’ defense report,

- A copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae,

- A twenty-five (25) pages summary of the Ph.D. thesis in French or English.

All applications must be sent before March 31, 2019.

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Les lauréats depuis 2017 :

Parmi les thèses de doctorat de droit fiscal reçues, le Conseil scientifique du Pôle Finances publiques a décidé d'attribuer le prix de thèse de la meilleure thèse en finances publiques soutenue en 2016 à : 

Monsieur Jérôme CHARPENTIER

pour sa thèse intitulée 

Le recours à l'expertise en finances publiques 

soutenue à l’Université de Lorraine.